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Woven Wood Shades (Natural Shades)

Woven wood shades (Natural Shades)
Woven wood shades are made out of reeds, grasses and other natural materials and are lifted in a “Roman shade” fashion (shades gather at the top as they are raised). Woven shades can be lined or unlined. Some fabricators offer a detached privacy lining that operates like an independent shade for ultimate versatility. Woven shades are generally offered in two styles. The “standard” style has the woven fabric cascading off of the back of the headrail with matching valance attached in front of the headrail to hide the pulleys. The “waterfall” style is made with the fabric cascading off of the front of the headrail with no valance. Some fabricators also offer “hobbled” shades and custom shapes (angle top). Woven shades are and environmentally friendly choice, since they are made from renewable resources and are bio-degradable!

Note: Natural shades are a great way to add warmth to your home, but, choosing natural shades means accepting natural qualities and “flaws.” Woven wood shades may not hang perfectly straight, materials won’t be perfect, lengths cannot be precise, and, shades may stretch. Because of these qualities, mounting outside of the window frame is recommended. Choosing outside mount will also move the “stack” above the window, making your window appear larger. Finally, natural materials will fade, especially in the sun. Linings will greatly reduce fading and prolong the life of your shades.

Our Woven Wood Shade Offerings:

Good:  Skandia and Kathy Ireland Woven Wood Shades

These woven wood shade collections offer quality workmanship with popular but more affordable fabric choices than our other collections. Options include standard cord lift or continuous cord, top-down/bottom-up feature, edge banding and multiple lining options in semi-opaque and opaque.  Skandia collection NEW for fall 2009. Many Skandia woven materials are also available in matching panel tracks for sliding doors!

Better:  Hunter Douglas Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

The Provenance collection is a stunning assortment of grasses, reeds, bamboos and woods with widely ranging costs. All popular design choices are available, including banding, various linings, and, choice of lift systems.

Best:  GranDesign Woven Woods

Our GranDesign woven woods collection is a “boutique” offering that includes some of the more exotic materials available, including fine grasses. With our GranDesign shades we can also offer the option of an integrated operable cloth Roman shade behind the woven shade that creates the affect of using the woven shade with our without a “lining.”